By Arete Performance / May 21, 2022

Strength Running Podcast 163- Professor Brian Zuleger

On the Mental Strength, Community, and Fun

163. Professor Brian Zuleger on the Mental Strengths of Youth, Community, and Fun
Brian Zuleger is a professor of sport psychology at Adams State University, where he is also the mental strength coach for the Cross Country and Track and Field teams. He works directly with athletes in an integrative, holistic approach.
Brian is a certified Exercise Physiologist from the American College of Sports Medicine. He applies his education with the athletes he works with as a personal trainer and coach.
We discuss the partnership that he has with athletes, the skills that they focus on, and their unique psychology. We talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the youthful mindset, as well as what adult runners can take away.
We also talk about:
Healthy ways to view competition Temptation of numbers-driven outcomes Getting unstuck after a bad workout Advantages of having a team Show Links & Resources:
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