By Boulder Therapeutics / April 13, 2022


Self Care for Athletes

Do you have a TIGHT or STIFF BACK? Learn how to move your spine safely and reduce back and spine pain with 2 effective MOBILITY EXERCISES:
1) Cat/Cow pose
2) Spinal Twist

This video includes ANATOMICAL DRAWINGS of the spine in each position and educational materials to help you better understand how to move safely and effectively. It also explains disc injuries and how to avoid spinal cord strain.

These are great stretches for athletes and yogis and people with a tight back, lower back pain, a tight IT band or back stiffness. They can help reduce the incidence of injury and increase your back flexibility.

We have over 20 years experience working with professional athletes and injured clients. And we have provided Anatomy and Alignment trainings to Yoga Teachers nationally since 2005. Our goal is to demonstrate safe, effective mobility exercises, stretches and yoga poses.

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Disclaimer: Always check with your doctor of medical professional to determine if any exercise, stretching or movement routine is safe for you.

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