By Arete Performance / January 06, 2022

What is Sport Psychology or Mental Performance?

Sport Psychology

Sport psychology is the science of training people to think more effectively within the context of sport and life. Mental Performance Coaches (AASP-Certified Mental Performance Consultants) are specifically trained to help people improve performance in sport and life. The following are some examples of areas athletes, coaches and people in general can work on to improve performance and as a person:

  • Mental preparation for competition
  • Focus
  • Creating an optimal training environment
  • Excelling under pressure
  • Effective self-talk
  • Resilience
  • Concentration
  • Quality Practice (improved quality of training)
  • Visualization (Imagery)
  • Confidence
  • Mental Recovery
  • General life stress and well-being
  • Coach-athlete relationships
  • Communication (coach and training group)
  • Mental training for injury rehabilitation
  • Critical transitions in sport career
  • Mental aspects of the business side of pro sport

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