By Boulder Underground / November 22, 2021

Staying Healthy and How to Reduce Risk of Injury as a Runner with Kurt Roeser

Learn the benefits of strength training and what to do as a runner to stay healthy

Boulder Underground discusses injury prevention methods with Kurt Roeser, PT, DPT, OCS in Boulder, Colorado. Kurt is Board Certified Physical Therapist, Clinical Director at Ability Physical Therapy and Founder of Boulder Run Physio. He is highly respected in the running community and has run 1:04 for the half marathon and 2:17 for the marathon. Learn from Dr. Roeser the benefits of strength training, how to reduce your chance of injury and what you can do as a runner to stay healthy. “It can be daunting for runners to choose what supplemental activities they should prioritize to help recover from an injury or minimize the risk of another injury. Focus on the fundamentals: work with a coach to develop a sensible training progression to manage your running load and integrate some basic strength and conditioning. From there you can layer strategies to address your individual risk factors based on previous injuries, biomechanics, or weaknesses. Remember, running should be about running. Keep it simple.” - Kurt Roeser

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    Samuel Palmer

    2 years ago

    Kurt knows what's up! Love it