By Sports Rehab Consulting / March 25, 2023

BFR for Tendinopathy


Blood Flow Restriction Training – Better Strength, Faster Results!
Blood Flow Restriction Training is a research-backed therapeutic tool used by rehab professionals to effectively enhance muscle strength effects in situations where heavy loads can’t be used.  It has been shown to help diminish the effects of atrophy (loss of muscle size/mass), after injury or surgery, which is an extremely crucial part of the rehabilitation process!  It is also effective for patients that experience pain with weight training, such as those with osteoarthritis, tendinitis, or joint pain.  Research has even started to show its positive effects on increasing neuromuscular activation, as well as muscle recovery, making it an essential tool for endurance athletes dealing with tendinitis or looking to optimize recovery from workouts. 
So, here’s how it works – by applying the right amount of pressure to a limb through the cuff, we can restrict venous outflow (de-oxygenated blood leaving the limb), while still maintaining appropriate arterial inflow (oxygenated blood entering the limb).  This creates an environment for your muscles that makes them work harder under lower-load situations, and stimulates positive adaptations in muscular size, strength, and endurance.
Sports Rehab Consulting utilizes the Delfi unit through Owen’s Recovery Science, which is the gold standard in Blood Flow Restriction training. They utilize “personal pressure”, with technology that constantly monitors and regulates tourniquet pressure throughout the exercise intervention, which ensures the safest application possible.
If you have been struggling to build strength while controlling pain throughout your recovery, reach out today to ask about this new tool and all of the potential benefits associated with the application!

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