By B Physical Therapy / January 16, 2023

How Manage Acute Back Pain

You just injured your back...what you should do

You just started to feel pain in your back. Now, you’re wondering what to do. You’re probably asking yourself if you should see a physical therapist, doctor, chiropractor or if you should rest and just hope it goes away. Then, you’re probably asking, “Should I use heat or ice?” and “What stretches should I do?” You may even start thinking, “Am I going to have back pain forever?”

Experiencing back pain can be very scary, especially if you’ve never felt back pain before this incident. But there’s really good news! You are not alone. In fact, studies show that up to 85% of the U.S. population will experience back pain at some point during their lives, and about 50% of all working Americans admit to experiencing back pain every year. Additional studies, indicate that most lower back pain actually resolves in two to eight weeks. There is actually a 90% chance that you will feel better in less than three months!

With that being said, let’s set you off on the right foot. Here’s what to do if you start to experience back pain.

  • Find a comfortable position. Most people like lying on their back with their knees bent.
  • You can use heat or ice. Choose whichever one feels better and provides you with the most symptom relief.
  • Breathe. The best technique is to inhale through your nose on a four-second count. Be sure to feel your lungs expand. Then gently hold your breath for four seconds. Lastly, exhale through your mouth with pursed lips on a four-second count. Repeat this process at least 10 times, but you can perform for as long as needed to help reduce your symptoms. This process provides your body with oxygen and helps your body relax.
  • Perform a gentle range of motion. You can do this while practicing breathing if you’d like! While lying on your back with the knees bent, gently rock your legs from side to side through a pain-limited range of motion.
  • Try to stay active with gentle movements. You may try to start a walking program to keep your body moving. You can continue to exercise as long as your symptoms remain below 4-5/10.
  • Drink plenty of water!
  • Eat a low-inflammatory diet by reducing sugar intake. Avoid sodas, candy, sugary foods and alcohol.
  • Resume moderate-intensity exercise as soon as possible to help reduce global inflammation.
  • Remember that you will get better!!!
Physical Therapists can help you determine the root cause of your back pain symptoms, and they may recommend treatment to reduce your pain. Physical therapy focuses on performing a thorough examination to determine the best course of treatment to help you feel better as soon as possible.
At B Physical Therapy, we diligently discuss your symptoms and then conduct an extensive examination to determine the root cause of your symptoms. Then, we’ll start your treatment right away. Treatment may include spinal mobilization, spinal manipulation, soft tissue mobilization (massage), exercise and movement modifications, lifestyle changes, and progressive training to return to your previous activities without pain!

If you are experiencing any of the following seek medical attention immediately: pain is extremely severe and constant without any change over 24 hours, the pain extends into your groin or genitals, you experience loss of sensation, loss of muscle strength, loss of bowel/bladder control (neurological symptoms), your injury occurred due to trauma, or your symptoms are associated with multi-system distress.

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