By Physio Room / August 24, 2022

Strength Training for Runners

During Marathon Prep

If you're a runner, strength training is a must. Especially if you are prepping for a long distance run like a marathon. As a Physical Therapist, if I were to build a strength training routine for a runner I would focus on hitting the major muscle groups that are going to support you while you're trying to run. These would include movements like the squat, deadlift, lunge variations, single leg deadlifts, calf raises, suitcase carry and step downs. I would recommend strength training 2 days a week during marathon prep but of course, that can vary depending on the athlete. Hope this video helps you prep well for your next long distance race! Questions? Contact us at ✉️ 📱720-316-9974 - ✨Our 3-step process to your recovery✨ We use a personalized 1:1 approach to  1. Relieve your pain  2. Identify and address the underlying root cause 3. Give you tools to stay pain-free long term. - 💻We also offer virtual consults and treatments. 📱DM us for more information

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