By New Horizons Physical Therapy / July 28, 2022

Managing Your Low Back Pain

5 Easy Steps

Low back pain is the most frequent musculoskeletal complaint and one of the leading causes of disability. However, don't be too concerned; low back pain might be compared to the common cold of the musculoskeletal system. Like the common cold, there can be a variety of contributing factors. The most effective strategy to handle low back pain is to treat it holistically.

That's right. Move. Starting out with some gentle movement can help get the body's muscle and joints ready for the day and clear up that early morning stiffness. It's a good idea to incorporate movements that involve all directions. Think "Motion is Lotion".

One of the biggest evils contributing to back pain is prolonged sitting, which causes virtually all muscles associated with the hips and legs to maintain a shortened position. Such muscle shortening plays havoc to the back; particularly when one starts to engage in almost any activity. So, it's a good idea to Stand for even a few minutes throughout the day.

There is a saying: "When the foot hits the ground, everything changes." In other words, the stress your feet endure when walking will effect the whole body above it. Do your body - and your back - a favor, and wear good supportive shoes.

Research has shown that repeated cross-legged sitting causes undue stress on the pelvis and the lumbar spine. Eventually, this can cause back pain due to the positional stresses. Sit straight.

Studies show that, regardless of one's health, moving with some effort (in other words, strength training) has been shown to REDUCE back pain. It is a good idea and highly recommended that one consult with a movement specialist (physical therapist, for example) prior to engaging in Effort Moving in order to avoid unwanted injuries.

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