By Gait Happens / December 01, 2021

Establishing a strong foot tripod

You have to have a stable foundation on which to perch your body

Let's discuss the foot tripod, some hate the term, some love it, 🤷🏻‍♀️call it what you will but that foot best be solid on the ground 👣 You have to feel the ground.  You have to have a stable foundation on which to perch your body 🦶 . And one little fun fact here too…it is the FOOT that PUSHES the knee out, and the hip/glute that PULL the knee out.  So since we have been talking about that knee, if you are squatting, and you hear “sit back on your heels and drive the knees OUT”…..I would be very cautious here.  Most will sit on the outside of that heel, drive the knees out….losing the contact of the medial foot, ie big toe.  And this my friends, is BIG problem. . Find the “tripod”. Find the “4 points of contact”. Find your FOOT 🦶. Good stuff from the DNS Gait course here. . 1️⃣Come up on the toes . 2️⃣Turn your foot in, and press big toe down . 3️⃣Keep the base of the big toe down (POINT OF CONTACT #1) as you spread the 4 toes and drive them out . 4️⃣Anchor the 5th toe toe (POINT OF CONTACT #2) . 5️⃣Keep the big toe and little toe down, and slowly drop the heel . ⭐Be in the center of the heel (POINT OF CONTACT #3, and #4 if you are centered in the middle of the heel⭐ FEEL THE MAGIC HAPPEN, a beautifully strong stable foot.  Now you can squat…..but don’t lose any of those points of contact 😉 . . . Did you know we offer virtual consultations?! 💻 We love helping people from all over the world move and feel better. 🌍 Our passion is education. Check out our website for consultations, a whole list of available courses, shoe recommendations, favorite products and more! 👣

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    Samuel Palmer

    2 years ago

    *doing more barefooting because of all this material- thanks!