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We aren’t training just the knee and above...

I know it can be a tough sell to tell athletes that they need to add yet another exercise to their weekly training plan. But remember we aren’t training just the knee and above - we need to train the entire athlete —> and that includes the foot as well! But I get it, most athletes don’t get excited about just training to minimize injury, they want to see results. We believe in pushing the needle in every way possible. And do so with our athletes. And yes, we have clinical proof, outcomes proof, and yes research proof. Let’s summarize the references below: Attempts to strengthen the feet ARE successful, and more importantly that improving foot strength results in an INCREASE in performance.
So when you are talking to your athletes and patients: improving intrinsic foot control isn’t just “something else to do.” - its part of optimal preparation.
Want this said simply? Here’s a great summary statement from the Suloska paper referenced below: “Exercises strengthening short foot muscles may improve energy transfer through body segments and increase strength and values of generated power. They should be included as a part of daily training programme of runners.”
Leave no stone unturned. That’s our moto with our athletes. And while we hope you use MOBO as part of this journey with your patients and athletes, we really hope that whatever tools you use, you address the whole body for better outcomes!

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