By Gait Happens / December 01, 2021

Compensation for lack of ankle mobility

Early heel rise, excessive knee extension, pelvic lean- Check it out!

3 compensation pattens you will see for a lack of ankle dorsiflexion .. if you don't get it from the ankle it has to come from somewhere else 🦶 . 1️⃣ Early heel rise 👣 . 2️⃣ Excessive knee extension 🦵 . 3️⃣ Pelvic lean ↖️ . Up next, suggestions on how to fix this mandatory ROM Did you know we offer virtual consultations?! 💻 We love helping people from all over the world move and feel better. 🌍 Our passion is education. Check out our website for consultations, a whole list of available courses, shoe recommendations, favorite products and more! 👣

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    Samuel Palmer

    2 years ago

    #me- thanks for this and great info!