By Gait Happens / December 01, 2021

Shoe recommendations for Hallux rigidus

Shoes to wear if you truly have a rigid big toe

The words NEVER and ALWAYS……ssshhhh 🀫  They’re like swear words, @ least in the world of movement. The big red ❌ and the big green βœ… give us slight anxiety 😬 . We all MOVE differently.πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ•΄πŸ§œ‍♀️We all adapt to our environments. Yes, there are ways we can move more efficiently, become more stable, more mobile but that picture will look different for everyone πŸ“Έ . And, the same for footwear.  We are big pushers of foot function.  We believe the foot should be able to feel the ground, adapt to the environment, be as functional as possible in a world where function is often compromised πŸ‘£ . With that being said, gait happens. πŸ€·πŸ»‍♀️ And if your gait happened to leave you with a rigid big toe, or TRUE hallux rigidus, or if surgery happened and there is a screw in that big toe, well……shit happens.  So we deal with it.  We work with what we have, and we will find a way🦢 . There are times where that big toe is so rigid, and the forefoot rocker has been lost.  Yes, these cases are rare thank God, but it does happen.  Now, a minimalist shoe is sometimes too flexible for this forefoot. Sometimes this foot type needs some cushion, some rocker πŸ‘Ÿ . I am on a FB page for a hallux rigidus group.  It is an amazing resource for these patients.  They share their stories and they share their favorite shoes 😊 . βœ” For a running/walking shoe:  Hoka One One, Bondi. There’s enough cushion on this shoe to handle the weight of the world.  It will provide Cush and rocker to propel OVER the big toe πŸ‘£ . βœ”For a work shoe: Alegria.  Hello forefoot rocker.  This shoe will rocker you right over that big toe🦢 . βœ” For a sandal: Birkenstock:  RIGID sole.  Patients with foot pain love this sandal.  Why?  It pretty much eliminates range of motion.  Good?  NO.  Good for those who can’t bend their big toe?  Yes πŸ‘ . We caution you, this is NOT an ALWAYS list.  Everyone’s foot function varies, but these have been popular amongst this group πŸ‘£ . . . Did you know we offer virtual consultations?! πŸ’» We love helping people from all over the world move and feel better. 🌍 Our passion is education. Check out our website for consultations, a whole list of available courses, shoe recommendations, favorite products and more! πŸ‘£

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