By Chelsey Palmer / January 18, 2021

Make It A Better Year Running Event, January 23

Come see us this Saturday, January 23, from 2-5 PM at B3 Better Sports Performance.  It is our first event of the year: a social expo for Jacksonville runners who are looking to get faster and fitter in 2021. We will have food & drink outdoors, and eighteen of Jacksonville’s best local businesses that are dedicated to serve you and your running goals!

These include:

  • Kelsey Beckmann of Meteor Nutrition
  • StretchLab
  • SuperFit Foods
  • Body Mechanics 
  • Paul McRae of PRS Running
  • MotionRX Health
  • CORA Physical Therapy
  • Elle Baker of Elevated Nutrition
  • Amy Magdelein of Moms on the Run
  • Suda’s Fit Foot
  • Active Health
  • Coltman Baughman PT
  • River City PT
  • Erica Weitz of Run with Erica
  • TEM App
  • Ground Force Strength
  • B3 Better

The event is FREE and open to the public! We do require masks, and ask that socializing remain outside. Looking forward to seeing everyone out there!


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